ERKO Apartments Stage 2 Launch

Peter O'Meagher 9 Mar 2013

The second stage of the exciting residential development in Erskineville is well on its way as the third building in the development containing 88 apartments was launched on 9 March 2013.

With strong sales in the first stage of the development, and now with Stage 2 proving to be just as successful, it is evident the charisma of Erskineville and the diverse buyer profile of Erko apartments is a major contributing factor to the project’s success.

The fabric of Erskineville is eclectic, unique and charming. The design of apartments at Erko and the masterplan as a whole recognises this, integrating with the essence of the suburb. This has appealed to many different people from many different walks of life – with the commonality of being attracted to the innate community of the development.

One such couple is Dom Vella and Tak Choy, who purchased a two bedroom apartment in the first stage of Erko.While location and price are important to them, ancient beliefs about how the laws of nature affect human dwellings take precedence.

Dom, 49, is a devotee of the Hindu doctrine of Vastu Shastra, which is based on the ‘science of construction’. Tak, 32, is originally from Hong Kong and places great importance in the Chinese system of Feng Shui which aims to unblock obstructions so that ‘chi’ – positive energy – flows.

“Between Tak and myself we had very specific needs, so we pored over the plans in the Erko display suite to select what we believe is the ideal apartment,” said Dom. “We also called on the advice of Tak’s mum, who is a property developer, and I consulted a Vastu expert much more knowledgeable than myself.”

Their apartment, on the sixth floor, faces east and meets such desired tenets as directional alignment, room sizes and shapes, and the flow of the floorplan, while the Erko site is deemed to be in harmony with nature.

“We know we’ve made the right choice... everything is in alignment.”

Erko is a pet-friendly estate of 302 apartments and 16 Torrents Title terraces sited around a landscaped park.

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